Thursday, 14 August 2008

The Spanish Bit Saga #11

by Don Coldsmith
Bantam, July 1989

This series goes from strength to strength. The Spanish Bit books might not have as much ‘fighting’ action as other books I read yet they are compelling reading. This is a great example of Don Coldsmith’s superb storytelling, a tale of adventure and discovery that has a few surprises along the way and an unexpected reaction at the end.

The book begins a few years after the conclusion of the previous story, River of Swans. Jean Cartier, known to the plains tribes as Woodchuck, is given the opportunity to guide an expedition searching for the mysterious Big River. Cartier finds himself haunted by dreams of his abandoned son, left in the care of The People. The explorers search takes them near the homeland of The People and Cartier must decide between deserting to rejoin the Elk Dog Band of The People or continuing on his journey and never knowing the fate of his son.

As irresistible forces urge him to The People, and he senses their destinies are interwoven, he must make the choice, if he goes to the people will he be the bringer of their destruction...or their chance to survive in the changing land?

And that is all I’m going to say other than read it!

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