Saturday, 2 August 2008

Chance #9

as by Clay Tanner
Avon, January 1988

Rescuing a beautiful damsel-in-distress is one thing, but fighting an ancient curse that’s supposedly ravaging her family is another. At first it sounded loco to the riverboat gambler, but when the “spirit” demonstrates its grisly handiwork – seeing is believing! Now as something deadly stalks the Walshes one by one, it’s up to Chance to unmask a killer quickly – or six people’s lives won’t be worth a damn!

This book is filled with a mystery that could be of the supernatural kind, questions as to the who, how and why providing a gripping storyline.

Clay Tanner (George G. Proctor) fills the book with many different characters, any of who might be behind the killings; mysterious deaths without clues. Even Chance becomes a suspect to the investigating detective as he has a knack of being one of the first at the scene of each new death.

After reading the other Chance books I was surprised – and disappointed – that the author left a few events unexplained, such as how the ghostly appearance of the spirit happened, and what of the missing child?

Overall this was a satisfying read although perhaps the weakest entry in the series so far due to the threads left without explanation.

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