Monday, 25 August 2008

The Trailsman #100

as by Jon Sharpe
Signet, April 1990

The 100th book in The Trailsman series sees the reader presented with a book twice the length of the previous stories. A tale that see Skye Fargo teaming up with Jon Sharpe’s other series hero, Canyon O’Grady.

The story, like those in both series, is fast paced with lots of action and mystery for our two heroes to solve. They meet on a riverboat, both on different missions. Fargo to stop Indians raiding the boat and making off with grain shipments which will see the Captain go bust and lose his boat. O’Grady is working undercover as a riverboat gambler to stop British gold being smuggled to the Confederacy to help finance their war effort. Both have plenty of suspects and the outcome sees a spectacular ending and throws in a number of surprises.

Everything to make this a great entry into the series in fact.

Unfortunately, for me anyway, the book had a couple of major errors that spoilt it somewhat. One being when Fargo is captured while indulging in some adult fun. It doesn’t mention him getting dressed before being tied up and riding out with his captors. When they get killed Fargo instructs his saviour to use the knife in the leg sheath under his trousers - hmmm, not only did he get dressed but also armed himself under the watchful eyes of his captors!

Another thing I found strange was that Captain Billy was a friend of Fargo’s father, knew Fargo as a child. Hadn’t seen him for years yet called The Trailsman Fargo. I’d have thought he’d have used Fargo’s given name, as The Trailsman took the name Skye Fargo after the death of his parents. A little point I know but...

I was also disappointed in that Fargo and O’Grady already knew each other, had worked together on many cases so we were told. I guess I was hoping they’d be on opposite sides maybe, or at least suspect each other as being behind the crimes they were investigating.

Still, if you overlook the above points, this is an entertaining book and worth a look if you’re a fan of The Trailsman - and Canyon O’Grady - series.

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