Friday, 8 August 2008

The Gunsmith #16

as by J.R. Roberts
Charter, May 1983

“Buckskin” Frank Leslie is a small, wiry man with twin Peacemakers that blaze faster than most men can blink an eye. And it’s a lucky thing for Clint Adams when Buckskin Frank jumps into a gunfight on his side – leaving four unlucky hombres dead on the barroom floor. The Gunsmith always repays a favour. But this time it lands him in big trouble with the town banker – and a different kind of trouble with the banker’s daughter!

This book has all the hallmarks of the series: very short chapters, a dialogue driven story, a plot that builds quickly, bad guys plotting to double-cross each other, and the inclusion of a real person.

There’s a lot of sex – a trademark of the early titles in the so called adult western series that began in the 1980’s – and it seems as though Clint Adams beds every female he meets.

I had to grin when I read the names of the banker, Sherman Jory and his henchman Martin Cort – the latter is a pseudonym used by Jory Sherman on his and his wife’s western series Bolt, which has been switched around from Cort Martin.

So, like most of The Gunsmith books, this is a quick and easy read that offers some great bad guys such as Saber, the man brought in the kill both Adams and Leslie. A couple of surprises are thrown in at the end too and all the plot threads are tied up neatly.



There was another series caused the Gunsmith by one of the piccadily cowboys. I think it was different from the book featured. Can't remember the author's name. Will have to Google it.

Steve M said...

I believe the series you're thinking of is GUNSLINGER as by Charles C. Garrett.

Bob Randisi, aka J.R. Roberts said...

Interesting to see a review of a book I wrote about 26 years ago. I remember I had fun using Jory Sherman and Martin Cort's names. I was corresponding with Jory at the time, and reading his GUNN and BOLT series. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


Steve M said...

Glad you enjoyed it Bob, my original review included a couple of lines were I guessed this one might be from you but as I hadn't got any confirmation of this I didn't include it.

I've recently been reading quite a few Gunsmith books from the early part of the series and have a few more reviews lined up.