Friday, 22 August 2008

Cash McCord

 as by Matt Chisholm
Panther, June 1966

It was the sun-blasted border country, hell on an honest man and paradise for a thief. Alone Cash McCord faced a power-hungry tycoon and his cohorts, was robbed of his cattle, ambushed and burned out. He challenged treachery with courage and power with his gun.

Matt Chisholm (real name Peter Watts) starts this story with Cash McCord as the town drunk, this is what he’s become after losing his ranch. It’s now down to Ben Daniels to help McCord regain some self-respect, and once McCord is back on his feet he goes looking for some answers.

Like many of Matt Chisholm’s books this one builds slowly as the reader is introduced to the various characters and plot twists of the story, one of which is that Ben Daniels is one of the tycoon’s men.

As the tale unfolds towards it’s final explosive confrontation, Chisholm neatly ties up all the threads of the plot.

I must admit I have read better books by Matt Chisholm, but even so would say this is worth reading if you can find a copy.

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