Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Shiloh #3

as by Dalton Walker
Diamond April 1991

A series that I’ve not managed to read in number order but to be honest I don’t think would make much of a difference to anyone’s enjoyment of the books.

Henry Proffitt is a bounty hunter tortured by dreams of his experiences in the Civil War, and of one battle in particular from which he’s become much better known as Shiloh.

Every man has his price, and tycoon J.W. Bannerman has Shiloh’s figured out just right. The old coot is desperate to win back the only thing he’s ever lost: his daughter. And the mighty chunk of change he’s throwing Shiloh’s way has the bounty hunter thinking he’s the right man for the job. But before Shiloh can get his nose on the trail, he’s sniffed out by a fearsome rival. A man of his own breed – a bounty hunter. Now the hunter is the hunted…and only one of them can survive.

Henry Schlesinger (writing as Dalton Walker) presents a tale where just about everyone comes across as somewhat mad, twisted and sick. Most, you hope, will end up dead by the end. The violence is fairly graphic and comes frequently. A couple of surprising revelations liven up what could have been just another bounty hunter chase story, making this not a bad entry into the series, in fact one of the best of the eight books.

If you like despicable characters and graphic violence then this could be worth a look.

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