Friday, 8 August 2008

Longarm #315

as by Tabor Evans
Jove, February 2005

The army sent out the cavalry – but it never came back. Now it’s up to Longarm to track down sixteen men. And he won’t be riding this mission alone – whether he likes it or not. Harriet, a fiery beauty whose lover is amoung the lost cavalry, has taken it upon herself to be part of the search party. Longarm isn’t quite sure what her real story is. But he knows enough not to trust anyone – especially a woman who claims her heart is taken when her eyes say something very different…

It’s not just the missing soldiers that Longarm has problems finding in this fast moving story. There’s the gang of outlaws who appear out of nowhere and disappear just as easily. If that’s not enough vanishing people the woman Longarm has his eye on, and her Uncle, suddenly disappear too. And to top it all just who is behind the attempts on his life?

A book filled with questions and intrigue, like why does Harriet wear spectacles of clear glass? The action comes thick and furious as Longarm struggles to trust anyone in his quest to find the missing patrol.

As is usual for this author, James Reasoner writing as Tabor Evans, the book is sprinkled with Longarm’s traits, something other authors seem to fail to do more often than not.

James Reasoner has you believing you know what is going on until he springs twist upon twist to the plot. All this makes for an exciting and gripping tale.

This book is definitely worth a read for any western reader and if you’re a fan of Longarm too then make sure you don’t miss this one!

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