Sunday, 10 August 2008


 a Ralph Compton novel
by Peter Brandvold
Signet, April 2005

Ex-gunslinger Taos Tommy Navarro now works on the Bar-V ranch, but even though he’s trying to forget his past others aren’t willing to let him. Karla Vannorsell, the Bar-V owner’s granddaughter comes to him in a time of need and he turns her away. Now she’s gone missing, hunting for her man, a Mexican vaquero who she intended to marry, a man her grandfather thought beneath her, a man he sent away. Now Karla is out looking for him in a harsh and deadly desert ruled by ferocious Apaches.

Peter Brandvold presents the reader with a fast moving tale that has a tough male lead and an equally tough heroine in Karla. It’s her that will face the strongest challenge, the cruelest lesson, as she discovers that love can mean killing the thing you cherish...

Navarro seems to find himself one-step behind Karla as he attempts to track her down and bring her home. Karla's fate seems set when she’s taken by a group of vicious slavers and imprisoned in an outlaw town. This presents Navarro with impossible odds, a challenge he’s got to take on.

If you want an action packed book filled with a harsh landscape, savage men - and women - and brutal violence all combined in an exciting read then you can’t let this slip by you.

Me? I’m eagerly looking forward to reading Peter Brandvold’s next Compton novel, Bullet Creek, and the return of Taso Tommy Navarro.

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