Sunday, 3 August 2008

Longarm #28

as by Tabor Evans
Jove, January 1981

The Humboldt. It meanders through the killing wastelands of Nevada…a river so dry a man can cross it without getting his boots wet. But trouble runs deep enough, when Longarm brings the law to this ruthless land of rattlers and rowdies, desert Indians and high-stake speculators, and soon Longarm is upto his neck in problems of all kinds.

This book starts extremely well with Longarm meeting a young lady who is searching for a man believed to be dead, who she says killed her father. Longarm agrees to help her but only finds evidence that the man is really dead. She still says he isn’t.

Longarm is then sent on a case to find out who’s cutting telegraph wires but before this happens he’s the target of a couple of gunmen, why?

When Longarm leaves to investigate the wire cutting I thought what we were going to get is a book containing two seperate plots. Longarm had agreed to help the girl on his return. The book read pretty much as I thought, although both storylines did tie together at the end, which stretched my belief a little. I found the story well written, if a little long.

Not the best Longarm I’ve read, but not the worst either. Tabor Evans in this case is author Harry Whittington.
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brokenarrow said...

This was a pretty enjoyable read, although a bit long-winded. It starts off great but kinda meanders in the middle, and the ending is a bit of a stretch but somehow not unexpected for a Longarm story, as he sometimes solves his cases via a last minute revelation that we, the readers, didn't see coming...but still a good read.