Wednesday, 30 December 2020


I've read more westerns in 2020 than I've done in recent years. As usual there's a broad mix of authors from the past and those still writing today. As well as reading old favourites, I tried some new writers too. I've also read a wide mix of types, from the very violent, those with adult content and those with traditional storylines. To read the review of any of the books listed below just click on the number.

1. Lone Star and the Hangrope Heritage (23) by Wesley Ellis
2. Widowmaker Jones 2: Buzzard Bait by Brett Cogburn
3. The Big Round-Up edited by Harry E. Maule
4. A Man Called Crow by Chris Adam Smith
5. Have Brides, Will Travel by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone
6. Vultures Over the Elk Fork Country by Bill Yenne
7. Starlight Range by Barry Cord
8. Man Killer by Thom Nicholson
9. Bad Apple by Lancaster Hill
10. Battle Mountain by Matt Cole
11. The Frontiersman 3: The Darkest Winter by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone
12. The Way of the Gun by Ralph Hayes
13. Tin Star – a Ralph Compton novel by Jackson Lowry
14. Reunion in Hell – a Ralph Compton Western by Carlton Stowers
15. Pony Soldiers 2: Comanche Massacre by Chet Cunningham
16. The Loner 2: Trail to Nowhere by Sheldon B. Cole
17. The Corrigan Brothers 2: Kill Town by Cotton Smith
18. The Frontiersman 4: Damnation Valley by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone
19. Sheriff Stillman 7: Once Late with a .38 by Peter Brandvold
20. Hot Lead 4: All Review Special – edited by Justin Marriott
21. The Gallowsman by Will Cade
22. The Badge 10: Blood Trail by Bill Reno
23. Murphy 4: Murphy’s War by Gary Paulsen
24. Apache Butte by Gordon D. Shirreffs
25. Ride the Long Night by E.A. Alman
26. The Searcher by F.M. Parker
27. Sheriff Stillman 8: Hell on Wheels by Peter Brandvold
28. Wilderness 71: Stalked by David Robbins
29. Thrilling Western – UK edition, May 1958
30. The Derby Man 10: Whiskey Creek by Gary McCarthy
31. The Gunsmith 45: Navaho Devil by J.R. Roberts
32. John Hawk 3: Montana Territory by Charles G. West
33. The Kelly Trail – a Ralph Compton Western by Terrence McCauley
34. The Trailsman 140: The Killing Corridor by Jon Sharpe
35. Sheriff Aaron Mackey 3: Get Out of Town by Terrence McCauley
36. The Loner 9: Killer Poker by J.A. Johnstone
37. Gunn 4: Blood Justice by Jory Sherman
38. Three for Vengeance by Matt Chisholm
39. Stagecoach Station 28: El Dorado by Hank Mitchum
40. The Jackals by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone
41. Guns Across the Pecos by Jackson Cole
42. Desert Stake-Out by Hondo Wells
43. Boothill Brand by Kirk Hamilton
44. Divine Wind by Lee Clinton
45. The Loner 10: Blood of Renegades by J.A. Johnstone
46. Ride for Justice – a Ralph Compton Western by Robert J. Randisi
47. Morgan Kane 13: The Law of the Jungle by Louis Masterson
48. Long Rider 20: Mountain Killer by Clay Dawson
49. A Killing in Kiowa by Lewis B. Patten
50. Animal Instinct by Lee Clinton
51. Sheriff Aaron Mackey 4: The Dark Sunrise by Terrence McCauley
52. Have Brides, Will Travel 2: The Shotgun Wedding by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone
53. Morgan Kane 14: No Tears for Morgan Kane by Louis Masterson
54. Ride the Hammer Down – A Ralph Compton Western by Terrence McCauley

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