Wednesday 28 August 2013

Rogue Soldiers

By Corba Sunman
Hale, August 2013

Captain Slade Moran, US Army investigator, is hunting the killer of an officer when he rides into Grey Ridge, having lost the trail of the fugitive. Fresh orders await him at the nearby army post, and he is plunged immediately into big trouble. Seven troopers have recently deserted from the fort – an unprecedented number, and none of them have been caught. Also a young officer has been court-martialled for stealing and drummed out of the army.

After examining the two cases, Moran is up against unscrupulous men, vicious killers and a rogue officer. He’ll have to lay his life on the line before he can restore justice.

This book is filled with puzzles and questions as the introduction of each new character seems to add to the problems facing Moran. Even when he begins to work out who is involved he, and the reader, are still in the dark as to just what is going on. All this creates some great hooks that kept me turning the pages, making this a difficult book to put down until the end was reached.

Corba Sunman is a popular Black Horse western writer – if I’ve counted right, this is his 38th book – who knows how to grab a readers’ attention, build his plots through a number of twists and turns, and create interesting characters. Sunman’s descriptive passages paint vivid imagery and his action scenes are really well written.

Slade Moran has appeared in at least one other book, Colorado Clean-Up. I’m not sure if there are any others but I think it’s time for me to find out as this army investigator is a great lead character and I’d like to read more of his assignments.

If you’ve not tried a Corba Sunman book yet, then this could well be an excellent place to start.

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Oscar Case said...

Nice review. I might just give this a try.