Thursday 8 August 2013

Blood Money

By D.D. Lang
Hale, July 2013

What made saloonkeeper Wilbur Enright so eager to get his hands on the keys to the bank’s safe, after the disappearance of the Sheriff, Clint West? With Luther Parry, the assistant bank manager, and his wife, Lucy, also missing, and three dangerous-looking strangers new in town, serious trouble threatens.

But one of the strangers, Dale Smith, is on the trail of the missing three, and the good people of Springfield are in for a long tough ride if peace is to be restored…

Murder, bank robbery, kidnapping, ambush, flash flood, gunfights, and more, all in the name of greed and ambition, keeps this story galloping forwards at a breathless pace. Most of the characters caught up in the various dangerous situations are unaware of other deadly events involving friends, those they are trying to rob, or have killed. All trails are on a collision course that brings everything to a violent conclusion.

The story throws many questions at its well-drawn characters, switching between them more or less scene by scene, chapter by chapter. As the plot becomes more involved you’ll find yourself wondering who is going to come out victorious…even the three strangers, planning a crime of their own, will have you hoping they survive.

This is the first book by D.D. Lang I’ve read, although I have read one other by the same author writing under one of his other pseudonyms. It also seems this author dropped out of sight for a number of years, and on the strength of this book, and the previous one I’ve read, this is a very welcome return, and looking through Hale’s future publications it seems there are more of this authors books to come, something I am very much looking forward to.

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