Friday 2 August 2013

Last Stand at Bitter Creek

By Tom Rizzo
Western Trail Blazer, April 2012

A patrol of soldiers massacred... 
A hidden gold shipment missing... 
A priceless U.S. historical document stolen... 
An undercover agent betrayed, and on the run... 

For Union Army spy Grant Bonner, the war can't end soon enough. Tired of living a life of deception, he desperately wants to put his past behind him, but agrees to one last assignment.

The mission is compromised and Bonner is entangled in an intricate conspiracy. Ambushed and left for dead, he recovers only to learn his battle for survival and justice has just begun.

Accused of the cold-blooded killing of several fellow soldiers during a train robbery, he makes a daring escape and becomes the target of an unrelenting manhunt.

For some soldiers, the war isn't over, and won't end until Bonner makes his Last Stand at Bitter Creek.

I think I’m right in saying this is Tom Rizzo’s first western, and what a debut it is. His thoroughly gripping tale merges fiction with true incidents such as the missing gold shipment and the theft of the document.

Bonner’s struggle to complete his mission, and stay alive, had me enthralled from the start. The twists and turns of the fast moving plot hooking me completely, making me wonder as to just who was pulling whose strings.

With its intriguing action-packed plot this book proved to be a very entertaining read. The end leaves an opening for a sequel and if Tom Rizzo chooses to write one, I’m sure I’ll be reading it.

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