Monday 5 August 2013

Monty McCord

By Chuck Tyrell
Hale, July 2013

Monty McCord is a top hand, but he’s got a hot temper. After killing young Hartley Billings he’s on the run, and now old man Hunter Billings has sent his riders to catch up with him.

But US Marshal Swade, Ellen Watson and her Flying W crew are on the lookout for Monty, and will do anything to keep him alive. Putting him in charge of a herd and betting Ellen’s ranch on his cowboy skills is a risky move. Can he get two thousand cows from Colorado to Wyoming? Or will the rustlers, and Monty’s pursuers, have their day?

Monty McCord is a great character, his devil-may-care outlook to life means he jumps into all kinds of situations without thinking, this attitude getting him into trouble time and again and this time could well be his last.

But Chuck Tyrell has some neat twists waiting in store, such as Billings health problems and him teaming up with Watson - I can’t reveal more about either of these events without spoiling the story for those intending to read it.

Chuck Tyrell (real name Charles T. Whipple) writes in a very readable style. His descriptions put you right in the thick of the action and his dialogue is believable. He regularly switches from character to character, often leaving them in suspenseful situations thus ensuring the book is difficult to put down before the end is reached.

If you like well told traditional westerns filled with twists then this book is certainly worth considering.

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