Sunday 1 September 2013

Holt County Law

By Richard Prosch
Lohman Hills Creative, December 2012

Holt County, Nebraska, 1882. On the edge of unorganized territory with moneyed cattlemen and killer horse thieves, anything goes and everyone is suspect. After Sheriff Bernard Kearns is killed in a gunfight Whit Branham failed to prevent, the deputy considers leaving O'Neill. But bad doings in the rough country of the Niobrara River offer him an opportunity for reasoned justice...or cold, hard revenge.

Whit Branham makes for an engaging hero, a man who has many good qualities yet lets the desire for revenge rule his actions at times. His need to hunt and take down the killer of Sheriff Kearns being the major thread of this story. This is expertly blended in with a tale of horse theft that adds to the intrigue of this fast moving tale.

Richard Prosch includes just enough descriptive scenes to create a vivid backdrop through which his knowledge of the area shines.

Holt County Law is a tough tale filled with some great characters and everything builds well to its satisfying conclusion that closes with a neat hook that should ensure everyone who reads this book will be eagerly looking forward to the next in the Whit Branham series.


Randy Johnson said...

Liked this one myself.

Nik Morton said...

Richard's a writer to watch. I've just downloaded this, thanks, Steve.