Monday 30 September 2013

Pope's Bounty

By Aaron Adams
Hale, September 2013

When jaded gun-for-hire, Simeon Pope, takes what he thinks will be a routine job he finds himself working for both sides of a divided family.

Confronted by a bad man, a mad man and a law man, Pope struggles to satisfy all his clients, impress the woman he desires, and stay just on the right side of the law.

This is the first Black Horse Western to carry the author name of Aaron Adams and is also the first that I can remember to feature a male character that enjoys the company of both men and women. And it’s him, Haze Willerby that both his father and brother want Pope to find for very different reasons.

Once Pope tracks down Willerby it seems he’ll be able to satisfy both his employers but Adams has some surprises waiting that dash Pope’s hopes and they result in both Pope and Haze being hunted for murder.

Aaron Adams’ book begins at a canter and soon charges ahead at a gallop and never lets up in pace thereafter. The story is filled with twists and turns making it impossible to predict just where the tale will go next.

There are some strong adult themes throughout and most of the characters are unlikeable but all are fascinating and you will want to discover what happens to each and every one of them.

There was one thing that I wasn’t sure about though, and that was how easily tough grown men burst into tears (three of them at different times), hardened men all who I’d have thought would have been able to control their emotions a little better. Still this maybe just how I prefer the men in westerns to act.

Overall I found this to be an easy read that proved to be very entertaining.

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Nik Morton said...

Steve, I'm sure the feminine side of men wasn't just invented in the 20th century, so maybe that's why they're tearful. Though 3 of them at it seems a bit too much, perhaps. One writing guide advocated to 'avoid heroes and heroines who cry a lot - readers don't want to follow wimps!'