Wednesday 1 May 2013

South to Sonora

By Michael Stewart
Hale, April 2013

After a ten-year prison term for killing a man he’d found molesting a girl, all Tom Jericho wants is a quiet life. But the State Governor offers him a deal: the notorious Crane Gang are planning something big, and the governor wants to know what it is. Jericho had befriended the youngest of the Crane boys in the pen and, with Lee now being transported across the desert, all Jericho has to do is help him escape, infiltrate the gang and uncover the plan.

Before he knows it, Jericho is in Mexico, the revolution raging all around him. One false move could mean a dusty grave in the hot, dry earth of Sonora….

As far as I can tell this is the first Black Horse Western to carry the author name of Michael Stewart and he presents the reader with a fast moving, action-packed tale the keeps you guessing as to the Crane Gang’s plan and whether Jericho can stop it happening.

Jericho is supposed to have help with this but after a bloody shoot-out between two groups of lawmen his backup is left without a memory and now believes he’s an outlaw. If this isn’t a big enough problem, Jericho fears the Crane’s may suspect the true identity of his partner.

Michael Stewart writes well, his book being very readable and his story all comes together neatly without any loose ends. 

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