Sunday 28 April 2013

Night of the Gunslinger

By I.J. Parnham
Hale, April 2013

With the town marshal laid up with a broken leg, Deputy Rick Cody must stand alone to protect New Town during a night of mayhem. At sunup Edison Dent will stand trial for Ogden Reed’s murder and although Rick suspects that Edison is innocent, he also reckons his own sister knows more than she’s prepared to reveal.

With Rick having only one night to uncover the truth, his task is made harder when the outlaw Hedley Beecher plots to free the prisoner while Ogden’s brother Logan vows to kill Edison and anyone who stands in his way. Within an hour of sundown four men are dead. And so begins the longest and bloodiest night of Rick’s life….

I’ve always enjoyed stories that take place over a short period of time, and here Ian Parnham does just that; with everything happening during one night.

As expected from this author there are plenty of twists and turns to the tale, such as how does one man predict that before the night ends Rick Cody will face four trials: of air, fire, water and earth? It’s not only this that kept me guessing but also the outcome of the deadly games a married couple are playing against each other.

Characters are well crafted and descriptions of action are very vivid – especially the trial by water (I’d like to explain more, but won’t as I don’t want to give anything away). The story is told at a fast pace that never slackens and the plot offers plenty of surprises.

So, once again, Ian Parnham has written an exciting and entertaining book that has me eagerly looking forward to his next.

Night of the Gunslinger is officially published on April 30th but is available now.

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