Friday 29 March 2013

Redemption: Trackdown

By James Reasoner
Berkley, March 2013

Marshal Bill Harvey puts his life at risk every day to protect the people of Redemption, Kansas. But there’s only one resident whose well-being comes before all else, and if you touch her, you’re as good as dead in his books…

Bill Harvey thought he had his hands full with the hot-headed Jesse Overstreet, a Texan like himself, who’d stumbled into town. But Overstreet is the least of his problems when Caleb Tatum and his gang sweep through town, cleaning folks out of every last penny. As a bonus, they make off with a beautiful hostage: Eden Harvey, Bill’s wife…

While Bill and his posse ride hard through Kansas to save Eden and the old buzzard Mordecai is left alone to police the town, a broken marriage turns violent and a suspicious gypsy spooks the townspeople. Mordecai desperately needs Bill to return. And he might just get his wish when the posse finds unexpected help from that fiery Texan, Overstreet. Bill will surely get back his beloved, at any cost…

At last the third book in James Reasoner’s excellent Redemption series is out and, like the previous two, it proves to be a gripping, first class, read.

Switching regularly between the various groups of characters, often leaving them in dangerous situations, James Reasoner urges you to keep reading to find out just what happens next, as it seems both Harvey and Mordecai are out of their depths, particularly the latter as a troubled marriage turns brutal and family members demand violent justice.

This fast-paced book provides excitement, believable characters and tense action scenes. It most definitely falls into the category of books you won’t be able to put down and closes with a neat little mystery about the identity of one of the main characters.

As with the first two books I highly recommend this to all fans of the western and hope that it isn’t too long before a fourth book appears.

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