Monday 25 March 2013

Genesis Gunplay

By John Davage
Hale, March 2013

Cody McCade rides into Genesis looking to uncover the truth about the sudden disappearance of the town’s previous sheriff and the mystery of a young man’s homestead, razed to the ground just before his wedding.

But when up against local thugs and the powerful and deadly Shaw family he realizes it will take more than asking around to get any answers. And the townsfolk have another mystery on their hands: just who is Cody McCade and what brings him to Genesis?

Having read, and enjoyed, John Davage’s other Black Horse Westerns I’d been looking forward to this one for some time. After the first couple of short chapters I found myself hooked by the mystery elements, both those mentioned in the blurb above and more. Even as answers to some of those questions came to light, so more mysteries were triggered making this a very difficult book to put down – in fact I read it in one sitting as I was that eager to find out if it ended as I expected. Some story threads did and others didn’t.

Characters are well crafted, each having their own personality that makes you want to side with them, or see them get their comeuppance. As well as tough male roles John Davage also includes a number of strong females too, one of whom does something that sees McCade set to take the fall for it.

As you’ll have already gathered I found this to be an excellent read and once more I am left looking forward to his next book.

Genesis Gunplay has an official release date of March 28th but is available now from the usual Internet bookstores.

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