Thursday 14 February 2013

Tom Rider's Reckoning

By Rob Hill
Hale, February 2013

A group of men who founded a prosperous cattle town are to be called to account for something they thought was long buried. After a local lawbreaker blows the cover from their abhorrent nest of lies, Sheriff Tom Rider finds himself accused of looking the other way.

Faced with the realization that his closest friends are guilty of unspeakable atrocities, Rider is forced to accept that he has been manipulated and betrayed. Can he find out exactly what went on? Will he have the courage to admit his part in the cover-up which, until now, he had not known he played?

This tale is filled with mystery and intrigue. Every time I thought I knew where the storyline was going Rob Hill threw in another twist. His plotting easily grabbed my attention and I also found his prose to be very visual, particularly the scene when Rider returns to town to find it deserted and discovers three items waiting in the town square that really start him questioning what is going on and his friendships of the past years.

With strong characters of both sexes, plenty of action and hard-hitting revelations embroiled in murder and greed, this really is a page-turner; a book that demands to be read in one sitting.

As far as I can tell this is Rob Hill’s seventh Black Horse Western and it's the fourth I have read by him. The three I read before this all left me looking forward to reading more of his work and this book follows that path, and I’ll also add that this is probably his best yet.

Tom Rider’s Reckoning has an official release date of February 28th and is available for pre-order now from the usual Internet bookstores.

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Oscar Case said...

Haven't read a thing by Rob HIll, but it might be time to check it out.