Monday 25 February 2013

Last Day in Paradise

By Paul Green
Hale, February 2013

When professional gambler Jimmy ‘the kid’ Casey beats the spoiled son of a wealthy ranch owner Jack Hartigan in a game of poker, he is forced to shoot the young man dead in self defence. Hartigan vows revenge and the footloose card player flees the town of Paradise, only to find himself pursued by a gang of ruthless killers, led by the crafty and determined Abe Morgan.

Things become more complicated when the gang captures Jimmy’s fiancée and renegade Apaches go on the warpath. His only option is to return to a town ruled by fear and settle his score with Hartigan once and for all….

If you like the traditional western then this is just the story for you. Jimmy Casey is a capable hero looking to escape his life as a gambler and settle down with his fiancée, Ellen. Ellen is used as a damsel in distress character, she has plenty of screaming to do as she’s kidnapped, and held at gunpoint more than once.

Paul Green tells his tale at a very fast pace and includes some great action scenes, the final showdown between Casey and Hartigan being particularly visual in its writing style.

This is Paul Green’s third Black Horse Western and the second I have read, and on the strength of both of these books I’m sure I’ll be picking up another of his westerns soon.

Last Day in Paradise is officially released on February 28th but should be available to buy now from the usual Internet bookstores.

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Karen said...

I just picked up a bunch of pulp westerns in magazine form from the 40s/50s at an auction. And, they are all completely in German. Wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction to have them appraised or at least assigned some general value