Thursday 21 February 2013

Mr Gunn

By Tyler Hatch
Hale, February 2013

He was called ‘Mr Gunn’. A good name, he’d earned it – but it wasn’t his name.

That was the trouble: he didn’t know who he was. He learned he had once been called ‘Laredo’ but it stirred no memories. There were other names, too – so many he seriously thought of carrying a notebook to write them in…. One of them surely must tell him why so many men wanted him dead.

But he had to learn his true name, even if it meant he could face a hangman’s noose when he did.

Tyler Hatch writes some superb opening scenes to this tale, telling of the destruction of a prison camp towards the end of the Civil War where both prisoners and guards must all be wiped-out. But there is one survivor, the man who will become known as Mr Gunn. His frantic struggle to stay alive makes for gripping reading.

Gunn’s frustrations at discovering his true identity are portrayed extremely well and soon had me wondering as to just who he was. Tyler Hatch reveals little hints as Gunn finds himself in more and more danger. Being a Southerner during the Reconstruction isn’t a help either.

There’s plenty of action as Gunn falls foul of being framed for murder, becomes a target for a jealous man, whilst attempting to find out about his life before being imprisoned in the war. Even when he does think he’s finding the answers doubt is thrown over his discoveries.

Does Gunn find out who he is? That would be telling and really would spoil the excellent conclusion to this book, so I guess you’ll just have to get yourself a copy if you want to find out.

Mr Gunn has an official release date of February 28th but should be available now from the usual Internet bookstores.

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