Monday 23 April 2012

The Search for the Lone Star

By I.J. Parnham
Hale, April 2012

It had long been rumoured that the fabulous diamond known as the Lone Star had been buried somewhere near the town of Diamond Springs. Many men had died trying to claim it, but when Diamond Springs became a ghost town, the men who went there had many different aims. Tex Callahan had been paid to complete a mission, Rafferty Horn wanted to put right a past mistake, George Milligan thought he knew what had happened to the diamond, and Elias Sutherland wanted revenge.

All were united by their hatred of Creswell Washington, a man who had cast a dark shadow over all their lives during the search for the diamond. Only after a violent retribution will the truth be finally revealed about the Lone Star.

Ian Parnham expertly captures the readers imagination with his superbly crafted characters and the fact that their true goals aren’t all revealed at once, this he succeeds in hooking the reader with the need to discover just what they are all really up to, and if any of them will be alive at the end of the book. And it’s not just characters that grab attention, what of the diamond itself? Does it exist, and if so where is it? Then there’s the diary that weaves a fascinating story, but just as the truth behind the diamond is to be exposed, the final pages have been torn from the book. Who has them and what do they say?

Ian Parnham mixes loads of intrigue into this story along with many twists and turns. I was very surprised when, without warning, one of the major characters was shot down, leaving me wondering how on earth the story could continue.

If it’s action you want then this book provides plenty of that too. Gunplay seems to fill most of the pages as the characters race to discover the whereabouts of the diamond, and the final revelation about the Lone Star is both surprising and humorous. 

If you’ve never read any of Ian Parnham’s work before then I’d urge you to get hold of a copy of this book as I’m sure you’ll be thoroughly entertained whilst finding out the truth of the Lone Star.

The Search for the Lone Star is officially released on April 30th, but is available now from the usual Internet bookstores.  


I.J. Parnham said...

Thanks, Steve. That's very kind of you.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Think I'll head over and order this one - sounds great