Tuesday 10 April 2012

Morgan Kane: Marshal and Murderer

By Louis Masterson
WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc.
eBook, March 2012

Morgan Kane’s first assignment as a U.S. Marshal was tough - tackling a series of brilliant and brutal train robberies in Kansas and Missouri. Dynamite charges and derailments were commonplace, and losses were up to one and a half million dollars…

Kane got on the track of Miles Rudyard, a slick gambler who owned a travelling circus. Rudyard lived like a king and Kane thought he knew where the money was coming from – but how to prove it?

He decided to set a trap…

This book sees Kane signing on to become a U.S. Marshal but there is a catch. As long as he wears the star the murder charge hanging over his head (see previous book, A Ranger’s Honor) will be put on ice. This is something Kane can live with and life as a U.S. Marshal seems to suit him.

Louis Masterson (real name Kjell Hallbing) once again presents his readers with a very fast moving tale filled with memorable characters such as Rudyard, the three acrobats and the woman, Liz La Salle. Action scenes are described in a very visual manner, one of the best being when Kane and Liz are tied to the front of a train as it roars down the tracks and the desperate struggle to free themselves provides some terrific and gripping reading.

For once Kane doesn’t really add to his emotional scars although the author does develop Kane’s character further, mainly as he adjusts to his new job. The book also introduces a number of new people who will have further roles to play in future stories so readers new to the series will not want to miss this book to see how Kane’s working relationships with them begin.

If you’ve not managed to read any of Kane’s previous adventures I say this is an excellent place to jump in due to Kane starting a new period within his life. 

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