Friday 27 April 2012

Morgan Kane: Pistolero

By Louis Masterson
WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc.
eBook, March 2012

“The only way to cut these Kiowa down to size is to hunt ‘em down to the last man!”

On the Kiowa reservation at Bald Peak, someone was smuggling liquor to the Indians – but lips were tightly closed to all enquiries. A Kiowa raiding party had broken out of the reservation and made a murderous attack on Troop 3 from Fort Bowie, and the entire troop had been wiped out. Marshal Kane was not exactly new to such cases – but several things puzzled him about this one. What Kiowa would use a revolver and wear high-heeled boots? And why should two harmless Mexicans have been tortured to death?

Perhaps the most action-packed Morgan Kane story so far, including two soldier verses Indian battles, and Kane alone wiping out an entire community. There’s also the aftermath of rape to deal with and torture. Kane will also experience, once again, the heartache of losing someone he’s grown fond of.

Louis Masterson gives us an exciting story of Kane going it alone – although he does ask if it’s ok with his new boss – as he believes it’s a U.S. Marshals’ job to stop the liquor smugglers. But there are more mysteries than where the liquor is coming from, there is the question of the stolen medallion and gold coin, then there is the identity of the ‘faceless’ man – the story behind this man being particularly gruesome. All these challenges combine to make this a very fast moving, and at time brutal, read.

This book also continues Louis Masterson’s obsession of including characters whose name begins with a Z, in this case Zita, a beautiful girl who Kane struggles to resist, a girl who, perhaps, belongs to another world than his own. Is he successful? Does he discover all the answers to the other puzzles mentioned in the previous paragraph? I guess you’ll just have to read the book yourself to find out and I say those of you who like westerns with a darker tone will find this an enjoyable read.

Just a quick note about the cover image, above Kane’s name it says ‘Texas Ranger’, this has been corrected to read ‘U.S. Marshal’ on the books you’ll buy.


Duane Spurlock said...

Great cover photo!

Steve M said...

Agree Duane, it's very eye-catching.