Wednesday 25 April 2012

No Peace for a Rebel

By Peter Wilson
Hale, April 2012

The Civil War had been over for exactly one year when retired soldier Ethan Cole is persuaded to join a group led by his former major, Daniel Reno. Little does he realize that he is being drawn into a plot that could change the course of history.

Ethan believes he owes Reno his life and reluctantly agrees to go along with the deluded major’s plan to stage a gold bullion robbery to help finance a fresh uprising among some disillusioned Southerners. But the power-crazed Reno has a far more sinister goal in mind, and when Cole learns the terrifying truth behind the raid he finds himself, single-handedly, trying to prevent a war – and a vicious showdown with a former friend,

Peter Wilson’s fifth Black Horse Western proves to be a terrific read. Yes, we’ve all read other westerns about groups of Southerners wanting to continue the war against the Northerners, and yes, this book begins with that familiar plot. But Peter Wilson soon deviates from that storyline as he hints at something much more shocking behind Reno’s plans. I’m not going to reveal what that is here, all I will say is I don’t remember reading anything like it before, and it makes for gripping reading.

How to deal with Reno isn’t the only problem facing Cole as the bullion robbery leads to more difficult situations and decisions that will see friends turn on friends amid treachery and vengeance.

Peter Wilson tells his story in short scenes that switch from character to character, thus making it difficult to stop turning the pages until you find out what happens to each of them. Descriptive prose is excellent and dialogue believable, and tied in with the great plot makes this a book I’d say all western fans should enjoy.

No Peace for a Rebel is officially released on April 30th but is available now.

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