Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Trailsman #342

as by Jon Sharpe
Signet, April 2010

Skye Fargo knows Nez Perce Indians well enough to respect them. So when a wealthy rancher aims to breed the tribe’s legendary Appaloosa horses, he hires Fargo to act as go-between. But even the sweetest deals can go sour when money is involved, and now the Trailsman is either going to cash in big or cash out permanently.

The majority of this story sees Skye Fargo spending most of his time with Indians. Living with them, fighting alongside them, fighting them, and being held captive by them. There is mistrust to deal with and friendships to rekindle.

As to be expected from a Trailsman book the story moves at a tremendous pace, is filled with exciting action as Fargo battles with both humans and other creatures. Of course being an adult western series there is also a couple of hot encounters for the Trailsman too, one being of the kind I can’t remember reading in a Trailsman book for a long time, if at all.

Author Jon Sharpe (in this case David Robbins) keeps the reader glued to the pages through a strong mystery plotline centring around three half-breeds who want to stop the purchase of the Appaloosas. Why? The answer to this question only being explained when the author is ready reveal all, a reason I didn’t see coming. An answer that exposes some of the worst traits of the human race and leads to a powerful, and sad ending, for many of the superbly drawn characters that sees Fargo going on a bloody killing spree.

Another strong tale that, for me, highlights the reasons I keep buying the Trailsman books each month.

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