Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Western Fiction News

The latest issue of Black Horse Extra is now available. There's some great articles including David Whitehead discussing how to increase interest in the western and another article that looks at back cover blurbs. There's also the second part of Greg Mitchell's look at the artwork of Frederic Remington. Hoofprints, as usual, offers some fascinating observations.

Whilst on the subject of Black Horse Westerns, Hale will be releasing books by a couple of well known American western writers latter this year, namely in September 2010 comes Wade's War by Chet Cunningham, and Twin Rivers by John Nesbitt (a new publication of an old story) in October or November 2010. August 2010 sees Bonito Deputy as by Jack Slade - I wonder who is behind this name?

Finally, for those who enjoy western films, it looks like another John Wayne western is to be remade. It seems Warner Brothers are planning to remake The Cowboys. The original hit the screens in 1972 and came from the book by William Dale Jennings.


Laurie Powers said...

Hi Steve - I've started reading the Black Horse Extra and found it to be great reading too. I didn't know that about the Wayne remake - seems that they're doing that a lot lately, as I hear True Grit is being remade too. So if there isn't a Western revival going on right now, there sure is a John Wayne revival happening.

Steve M said...

I just wish they'd make new westerns Laurie, rather than remakes. There's plenty of great western books that'd make terrific films in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

On who is behind Jack Slade: