Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Legacy

as by Logan Winters
A Black Horse Western from Hale, May 2010

There was nothing special about the J-Bar ranch in Colorado…except that it has thirty-five thousand acres of prime land and its previous owner had just been murdered leaving $50,000 and hidden gold.

The whole territory joins the hunt for the missing fortune and violence and murder become commonplace, but it is only when three heirs arrive from the East that true chaos erupts…

Logan Winters has created some extremely well drawn characters in this very fast moving story, most of whom are fuelled by greed, deserting their jobs to join the frantic search for the missing money. Then there’s the hero of the tale, Glen Strange, who, along with his partner, find themselves swept up in the crazy situation they ride unwittingly into. Are they the only people who find it strange everyone is hunting for the gold without the least bit of concern over who killed J. Pierce Buchanan, and why? This isn’t the only mysterious element to the story for Strange is soon wondering what secrets others are hiding, such as their relationships with the now grown girl who was found abandoned on the ranch when a baby. And who is the man who introduces himself as Wichita?

Of course in a tale such as this not everyone can have a happy ending and a number of them die violently in well-described gunfights. One of these shootouts being particularly memorable due to it taking place in a pitch-black barn where no one can actually see their opponents. Yes, for some, the ending was exactly as I suspected it would be, although I didn’t even come close as to where the hidden fortune was hidden, like I didn’t guess the answers to most of the questions the plot challenged the reader with.

As with the other books I’ve read by this author (Logan Winters being a pseudonym of Paul Lederer), The Legacy once more proves he’s a writer who produces entertaining books time after time.

The Legacy isn’t the only BHW officially published this month, on May 31st to be exact, by Paul Lederer, as he has another released under the pseudonym of Owen G. Irons called Ransom. Both these books are available now.

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