Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Bullet for Ben McCabe

by Peter Wilson
A Black Horse Western from Hale, May 2010

Gunned down and left for dead, Ben McCabe is nursed back to health only to learn that he is wanted for murder and robbery.

He has no memory of his past but he sets out in search of the truth, gradually putting together the events that led to his shooting. As his memory slowly returns, he tracks down the real killers – but his problems are by no means over.

Lurking in the shadows is a man who still has the bullet he has saved for Ben McCabe…

After enjoying Peter Wilson’s previous two Black Horse Westerns I was eager to read this one hoping it would match the excellence of those earlier books.

Peter Wilson tells his story in short series’ of paragraphs that follow the movements of the various well-crafted characters. This method working well to hook the reader and keep them turning the pages to find out what fate awaits each of them.

There are a number of different threads such as will McCabe be able to save his sister from her wife beating husband and which of the two women who fall for McCabe will he end up with, his choice perhaps ending in a surprise for some readers.

There’s plenty of action too, murder and shoot-outs, mixed in with double-crosses, come at regular intervals as the book moves forwards at a tremendous pace. And just for good measure Peter Wilson throws in a twist or two to keep the reader guessing, thus ensuring the book isn’t put down before the end is reached.

As you’ve probably already gathered I did enjoy this story as much as Peter Wilson’s other books and once more I’m looking forward to his next.

A Bullet for Ben McCabe is officially released on May 31st but is available now from the usual Internet booksellers.

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