Friday, 30 April 2010

By the Gun They Died

as by Matt James
A Black Horse Western from Hale, April 2010

With seven killers camped on his trail, big Blaze Morgan rode south into Weeping Woman Valley. With his superior gun skills and horsemanship, Morgan expected to shake his pursuers quickly, but soon realizes he will be lucky to survive the next-four hours…

How can he possibly overcome such obstacles?

Matt James hooks the reader quickly by throwing in many questions that just have to be answered before the book can be put down. Questions such as who are the twins that live in the large house in Weeping Woman Valley? Why won’t they answer any of Morgan’s questions? Will they kill Morgan? Will the seven killers hell-bent on revenge be successful in their quest? Whose body does Morgan discover hastily buried, who killed him and why?

Of course Matt James is a pseudonym and it’s one of those used by long-time western author Paul Wheelahan. A writer, who knows his craft extremely well, knows how to keep his readers turning the pages. His characters are believable, his descriptions paint vivid images within the minds eye, his dialogue is convincing. All these things combine to make this book a gripping and action filled yarn that will definitely appeal to most western fans.

By the Gun They Died is officially published today but has been available for a while and if you want a copy I suggest you put your order in as soon as possible as BHW tend to sell out very quickly.


Oscar said...

This sounds like a good one!

ChuckTyrell said...

Looks good. How do I get you to review one of MY books?