Monday, 5 April 2010

The Trailsman #341

as by Jon Sharpe
Signet, March 2010

The last things Skye Fargo expects to find in the remote Sierra Nevada Mountains are the ramshackle town of Kill Creek – and the mysterious filly of a woman who tries to warn him away. There are deadly doings at work in the town – and a conspiracy of blood that will pit the Trailsman against a cold-blooded gunhand who has never been beaten.

After an exciting escape from a pack of killer dogs Fargo finds himself in what appears to be a ghost town. Here Jon Sharpe (in this case David Robbins) really writes some tense and imagination capturing scenes as a mysterious figure keeps appearing and disappearing seemingly into thin air. This opening to the book grabs the readers’ attention and refuses to let go until Fargo discovers just what is going on in Kill Creek.

The vanishing figure isn’t the only problem Fargo has to face; there’s a group of people who appear to have kidnapped a young woman. Then there’s the girl who warns Fargo away. Another girl who controls the dogs who’d like nothing better than to see them rip The Trailsman to pieces. David Robbins soon has the reader wondering – along with Fargo – just what is going on? How do all these different characters fit together?

It isn’t long before Fargo gets really annoyed at how he’s being treated, and he’s soon filled with a rage that will only be quenched by killing his tormentors. There’s loads of well-described action as Fargo battles to bring an end to the strange events in Kill Creek.

Sierra Six-Guns is another excellent entry into the long-running Trailsman series.


Christopher Grant said...

Steve, I've been thinking about grabbing this off the shelf a couple of times and buying it, each time putting it back for whatever reason.

Your review has convinced me to go out and get it ASAP today.

Tom said...

This was a good one. Better than many others in the series. I'm going to seek out other David Robbins titles in the series. Thanks!