Saturday, 13 June 2009

Lone Star #19

as by Wesley Ellis
Jove, February 1984

His real name was Von Eismann. Captured by Ki, sentenced to life for murder and sedition, now the dreaded German has escaped from the hellhole of Yuma Prison. When Eismann’s cronies kidnap Babette, the beautiful chanteuse who is also the warden’s daughter, Jessie and Ki must save the girl and bring the outlaws in.

This was a book I was looking forward to; the return of Von Eismann, the Iceman. An employee of the Cartel who Jessie and Ki had battled with in a number of previous books.

The writer behind the pseudonym of Wesley Ellis this time is Jeffrey M. Wallmann, who, wrote many books in the series including the first one.

Unfortunately this book didn’t live up to the expectations I had for it and Wallmann’s writing. I just didn’t find it very gripping and it came across very much as a formula western. Yes it was entertaining and had moments of exciting reading, especially Ki and Eismann’s fights, but at times it just seemed to plod along. Maybe it was also due to the fact that the two previous Lone Star books I read were so good?

Still this is a must read for those following the confrontations between the Lone Star Duo and The Iceman but if you’re new to the series I’d suggest trying a different one first.

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