Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Davy Crockett #8

as by David Thompson
Leisure, October 1988

Davy Crockett was driven by a powerful need to explore, to see what lay beyond the next hill. On a trip through the swamp country along the Gulf of Mexico, Davy and his old friend Flavius met up for the first time with Jim Bowie, a man who would soon become a legend of the West – and who was destined to play an important part in Davy’s dramatic life. Neither Davy nor Jim knew the meaning of the word “surrender,” and when they ran afoul of a deadly tribe of cannibals, they knew it would be a fight to the death.

Heading for home Davy Crockett and Flavius take a recommended route through the swamp country along the Gulf of Mexico. This is perhaps why this book stands out from the previous seven as all the action - and there’s plenty of that - takes place within these swamps, meaning the location for the book is totally different from the others, as is the wildlife encountered such as the alligators.

There are also suggestions of creatures of legend living deep within the swamps too.

Crockett and Bowie finding themselves taking on a tribe of cannibals allows David Robbins – writing as David Thompson - to include some particularly gruesome scenes into the story.

David Robbins also adds some interesting reading about Bowie, his family, and that knife!

The many cliff-hangers in this story, for all three main characters, Crockett, Bowie and Flavius, make this book very hard to put down, you just have to keep reading to find out what happens next and before you know it you find yourself on the last page, the last word. Unfortunately for fans of the Davy Crockett books it’s not only the end of this tale but also the series.

Did Crockett and Flavius make it home? You must read it yourself to find out.

Not only do I recommend this book but the whole series.

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I've only just started reading the first in this series - am enjoying it a lot. Have the first five and will track down the others.