Monday, 15 June 2009

Book and Magazine Collector #309

Just thought I'd bring to everyones attention the July 09 issue of Book and Magazine Collector. It contains a seventeen page article written by Ben Bridges (David Whitehead) about his choices of the top 50 westerns books, with information about many of them, including how much they are worth. It makes for fascinating reading.

Amoung the other articles is an in-depth look at the work of Cormac McCarthy.

The magazine can be found in UK shops now - not sure about other countries, but it can also be ordered direct.


Chris said...

Checked out the link—looks like a good issue! I'll bet that's a great list of the Top 50. I wonder what's #1? Also, I wonder if any L'Amour made it besides Hondo. (I'm assuming Hondo would be the one, if any.)

Steve M said...

Hondo is the only L'Amour story in the list Chris.