Friday, 12 June 2009


Having been tagged by Joanne Walpole to join in with the fun four posts currently appearing on blogs everywhere, I thought I'd give it ago.

Four Movies You Can See Over and Over
This is Spinal Tap
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Cross of Iron
Blade Runner

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
Babylon 5
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Captain Scarlet

Four Places You Have Been on a Vacation
Various places in America
Algarve, Portugal
Lake District, Cumbria UK
Gower Peninsula, South Wales UK

Four of Your Favourite Foods
Mars Bars
Chicken stuffed with peaches

Four Websites You Visit Daily
Model Mayhem - here’s the link to my page.
GGG and the Piccadilly Cowboys
The Tainted Archive
Rough Edges

Four Places You Would Rather Be
Taking photographs
In the pub
At a rock concert
Dozing in the garden

Four Things You Hope to Do Before You Die
Read all the books I’ve collected (no chance!)
Photograph WW2 planes air to air
Become a grumpy old man

Four Novels You Wish You Were Reading for the First Time
The Rimfire Riders by John Robb - the book that started it all
Edge #11: Sioux Uprising – for the shocking ending
Chickenhawk by Robert Mason – powerful ending
Believed Violent by James Hadley Chase – got me into reading thrillers

Tag Four People You Believe Will Respond
Gary Dobbs
Chris – at the Louis L’Amour Project
Craig Clarke
Nik Morton


David Cranmer said...

This is Spinal Tap is a hoot. The scene where they get lost under their own stage has me rolling every time.

Ray said...

Cross Of Iron - I got that in a set with 'The Wooden Horse'.
And that idea of being up there photographing WW2 aircraft appeals.

Mister Roy said...

I can handle 'The Most Violent Westerns in Print' and an earful of 'Smell the Glove' but... Chicken stuffed with *peaches*?!

Barbara Martin said...

Chicken stuffed with peaches sounds divine: must try that.

I liked Blade Runner, Babylon 5, Law and Order, and I'm interested to see what Gary Dobb's writes.

Joanne Walpole said...

Good job you didn't mention Heroes in Starbucks. We could have been there all day! Next time...