Monday, 15 August 2011

Western Fiction News


A new Facebook group has been launched called Western Book Readers. It's only been going for a few days and already has over one hundred members, who are a mix of readers and authors. If anyone would like to join here's a link: If that doesn't work then email me and I can invite you. (My email can be found under the 'about me' section of this blog)

The latest issue of Black Horse Extra is now available and contains the usual mix of info and articles which include a few authors discussing The Rights and Wrongs of eBooks. Greg Mitchell also compares Real Cowboys with Reel Cowboys. Black Horse Extra is essential reading for all western fans.

Long time favourite fictional hero Morgan Kane looks set to appear in not one, but three English speaking movies and many of the books are to be released as ebooks, again in English. I really hope they get Kane's character right in the movies as his flawed character is one of the main appealing aspects of this series. For those who don't know Morgan Kane was written by Kjell Halbing under the pseudonym of Louis Masterson. Find out more about the films here.

Western Fictioneers have realeased a massive collection of all new western short stories in an anthology called The Traditional West. This is available now as an eBook but a paper version will follow shortly. Look out for a review soon.


Joanne Walpole said...

Thanks for all the info :-)

Anonymous said...

People need to see the western genre as a good storytelling genre and for that Hollywood must wake up and embrace all the great western ideas that are out there.Western writers who have already written successful western novels must work together with the Hollywood Hogheads and create a great,even wonderful script,why not?I believe the Lone Ranger script had lot of potential.France,Italy and Greece have their own western universes with some pretty interesting ideas lying around for decades,somebody should wake up and smell the roses.I have never heard of this character before but I wish all the luck in the world for it...