Saturday, 27 August 2011

Kato's Army

By D.M. Harrison
A Black Horse Western from Hale, August 2011

Wells Fargo Agent, Jay Kato, didn’t want the job of taking a consignment of gold to Green River Springs. The town held too many memories – bad ones.

His cousin, Duke Heeley, had threatened to kill him of he ever came back to town, but he put aside his misgivings when he was offered a generous bonus. After all, he only had to deliver the money to the marshal.

However, when the time came to step off the train, a hail of bullets greeted him. Kato knew he’d have to raise an army to fight them all.

This is the second Black Horse Western by D.M. Harrison, the first being Robbery in Savage Pass.

Jay Kato’s ties to the town of Green River Springs provide some excellent confrontations with people from his past, particularly with Blossom Lessard. Blossom becomes the girl for romantic interest, but not with Kato, he has bridges to rebuild with another woman. Along with trying to mend his relationship with his cousin, Kato finds his social life a big problem, but this is nothing compared to the difficulties of hanging onto the gold.

Green River Springs is more or less under siege by the well-drawn bandit Three Fingers, a man with a sizeable number of outlaws backing him. It’s when they attack the town that Kato has to rally the townspeople into an army to defend their homes and in doing so the gold too. This leads to a great battle for the town. A fight you’d have thought would be the end of the tale, but no, D.M. Harrison has further plot developments, like the gold going missing.

Even though I did raise my eyebrows when it was mentioned safety-catches were released from pistols, I found this to be a well-written story that kept me turning the pages.

Kato’s Army has a release date of August 31st but is available now.


Oscar said...

Nice review and a nice book cover.

D M Harrison said...

Thank you very much for the review of my book. Mortified by the slip about safety catch - but despite that i hope everyone will enjoy the story with its twists and turns.