Wednesday, 24 August 2011

.45-Caliber Firebrand

By Peter Brandvold
Berkley, September 2009

Cuno Massey had always stayed on the good side of the law. But he’d never found himself stuck in the middle of a feud between a weary old rancher and a band of Indians hungry for revenge. With warring braves surrounding the ranch and a doomed man begging for help, Cuno’s the only rider left who stands a chance to save the rancher’s daughter from a savage massacre.

Fighting arrows with bullets and tussling with grizzly bears, Cuno’s rescue ride is no pleasure trip. And when his wagon party comes up against a squad of territorial marshals looking to break some rules of their own, Cuno’s got to do what it takes to defend the girl – and himself. Even if it means defying the law and becoming a wanted man…

The sixth Cuno Massey book proves to be every bit as good as those that have gone before it. It’s a tough, gritty and violent read that is filled with attention grabbing, exciting action. The sequence with the bear makes for tense nail biting reading. For all the savagery Peter Brandvold also shows a touch of the tender side of Cuno as he attempts to save the rancher’s daughter and some children from chasing Indians.

For long time readers of this series who have witnessed Cuno battling to survive against all kinds of hardships, you will find yourself wondering how he can possibly come out of this one alive. What I will say is this book brings about some surprising endings to friendships begun in earlier books and finishes in such a way that it could also be the end of the line for Cuno – or at least his current lifestyle.

The ending of this book makes me glad it’s taken me so long to getting around to reading it as I won’t have to wait too long to read the next Cuno Massey story, as .45-Caliber Desperado is due out this September, which, although only a few days away, is still not fast enough for me as I’ve just gotta know what happens next! 

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Jodi Lea Stewart said...

Great review, and you've certainly piqued my interest.