Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Trailsman #346

as by Jon Sharpe
Signet, August 2010

Arkansas, 1860 – where the Trailsman finds himself in hot water in more ways than one.

Fargo jumps into the deep end of trouble when he helps young Dave Harrigan fight off two bushwhackers. Harrigan is heading to Hot Springs to look for his father, who went there for the healing powers of the waters. Someone doesn’t want Harrigan to make it to town. And the Trailsman knows that before this is over, the blood is going to blow like a geyser of gore.

Like the many of books in this long running series, Arkansas Ambush has a touch of mystery to its gripping plot. This story is also filled with many surprises that keep catching Fargo unprepared, unable to react instantly to them, which place the Trailsman in deadly danger at times.

The plot revolves around damage being done to hotels and each of these premises owners are extremely well drawn characters that all provide headaches for Fargo. Is one of them behind the troubles? These aren’t the only people Fargo has to deal with, as there is also a lawman that seems intent on driving the Trailsman out of town or locking him up in jail. Again the question is why?

Jon Sharpe – in this case James Reasoner - also throws in an excellent twist to the tale that leads to an exciting finale that ties up all the plot threads neatly.

Arkansas Ambush is another book that I’d recommend to not just to fans of the Trailsman series, but to anyone who enjoys fast moving, action packed, westerns. 


David Cranmer said...

I have Mr. Gorman's latest Trailsman to read and then I'll tackle Arkansas Ambush. Glad to know it is a winner because I've already picked it up.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Which one did Ed Gorman write? I try to keep up with the series and just finished Sierra Six-Gun.

Steve M said...

Ed has written quite a few in the series. When I interviewed him he confirmed he'd written #311 and #334. If you check back through the reviews of Trailsman books here you'll find a few that have been named as written by Ed Gorman.

Anonymous said...

im currently reading this book and i can say this is a god action filled book and cant wait to read more