Monday, 2 August 2010

The Gunsmith #42

as by J.R. Roberts
Charter, July 1985

Along the Powder River in Wyoming the cowboys’ strike for better conditions has failed and now cattle are being rustled and men are disappearing, presumed killed. The law can’t find the answers. Clint Adams, The Gunsmith, rides in a saves the beautiful young daughter of the strike leader from being hurt by a group of toughs. Now Adams is caught up in the mystery of the missing cattle and once legendary range detective Heck Thomas joins the hunt the odds start looking better for the cowboys…

Once more a Gunsmith book that has Clint Adams meeting up with a real person from the history of the American West. Although both Adams and Heck Thomas are in the book from almost the word go it isn’t until near the end that they meet face to face to finally solve the case of the missing cowboys.

The book is told in the usual fast paced style I expect from this series, with very little scene description, the author preferring to stay with the characters and their movements.

Like most Gunsmith books I’ve read there is little gun action until the end, the earlier part of the storyline introducing the various characters and building up the plot. This all sets the story up well to finish with a final exciting confrontation.

A book not just for Gunsmith fans but for anyone who likes fast moving reads.


RJR said...

Thanks for the kind words. I wrote this one a loooooong time ago.


Matthew P. Mayo said...

Funny you should post about a Gunsmith, Steve, as I just picked up a copy of "Gunsmith 196, The Counterfeit Clergyman." (Not as long ago as #42, RJR, but a while back, just the same!)

Number 42 sounds like a good one. I'll keep a lookout for it. Also, I have to say I like the brown color scheme on the cover. And the artwork is strong, too.


Steve M said...

Must admit I prefer the old painted covers to those we get nowadays, pieced together in Photoshop.

I read The Counterfeit Clergyman when it came out - before I was writing reviews - and seem to remember enjoying it. You'll have to let us know what you think of it Matt.