Thursday, 19 August 2010

Renegade's Legacy

as by Rick Dalmas
A Black Horse Western from Hale, August 2010

The mystery man rode into town the day that they buried Big Al McCord. He called himself ‘Brett’ – but some people had good cause to suspect he was really ‘Dan McCord’, a runaway kid returning after almost 20 years – all grown-up and out for vengeance.

His arrival shook the town to its foundations; it brought turmoil and gunsmoke to the rangeland and it caused panic and desperate moves amoung corrupt officials and folk with a bad conscience.

But Brett had his own agenda – and when they found out what it was, that part of Dakota would never be the same again.

Rick Dalmas immeditately captures the readers attention by creating a gripping air of mystery around his main character, Brett. Just who is this man? He’s quick with gun and fists, carries scars and neither denies or confirms that he is really Dan McCord. People have their own ideas about his idenity and some act on their assumptions, leading to tense confrontaions and exciting fights.

The supporting cast are as equally enthraling as Brett. Those that stood out for me being Raina Redbird, Barton Gill, and Joel Rackman. Each of these characters having important roles to play in the outcome of this well written and beautifully paced story.

Rick Dalmas is a pseudonym used by one of my favourite Black Horse Western writers: Keith Hetherington. He’s definitely a man who knows his craft, and I’ve yet to read a book by him I’ve been disappointed in.

And no I’m not going to reveal who Brett really is, or isn’t. That’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself by reading the book, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy doing so.

Renegade’s Legacy is available to buy now from Internet booksellers, and due to how quickly BHW sell out these days don’t wait to long to put your order in.

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Sounds like another good one. :-)