Monday, 16 August 2010

Longarm #379

as by Tabor Evans
Jove, June 2010

When Longarm rides into the usually dry Warhorse, Arizona Territory, torrential storms greet him. But he’s only in town long enough to find and arrest Ed Galloway, train robber and murderer of Longarm’s friend.

Then some vigilantes come looking for the well-liked, peace-loving local marshal, Pat Ryan. And Longarm starts to wonder if the star packer is who he says he is – or if he’s got his man. But could a cold-blooded killer be the most popular hombre in town?

This very fast moving book throws up a dilemma for Longarm, making him wonder if he can turn a blind-eye to the law. He also finds himself up against some great opposition in both the townsfolk and the vigilantes. The rain throwing in extra problems as Warhorse is cut off by the floodwaters. A kidnapping leads to some very tense and exciting reading.

Rain and floods aren’t the only problems provided by Mother Nature that Longarm has to overcome, there’s snakes and landslides. All these combine to make for a gripping read, making this a very difficult book to put down before reaching the end.

The book is beautifully paced, full of well-drawn characters, and visual prose, meaning this is a must read for Longarm fans and a book worthy of consideration for those who haven’t tried a Longarm novel yet. Maybe all I need to do is tell you who the author is writing behind the pseudonym of Tabor Evans this time, to convince you to give this book a try, and that person is James Reasoner.

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David Cranmer said...

I enjoyed this one as well. The scene on the bridge was as gripping as they come.