Tuesday, 14 October 2008


by Tim McGuire
Leisure, March 2005

Book five in the series about The Rainmaker: Clay Cole.

Living as a wanted man has been mighty tough for Clay Cole. Now he’s stopped running. The Rainmaker is turning himself in to finally face the charges of treason, a crime he didn’t commit, to try to clear his name once and for all. But circumstances means the law has something far more dangerous than a trial in mind for Cole. A brutal killer has escaped from prison with the aid of his gang and a Gatling gun - and he’s taken Cole’s friend as a hostage. The Rainmaker will now do anything to rescue his friend...even if it’s the last thing he does as a free man.

The tough writing style of this episode in the life of Clay Cole presents the reader with savage outlaws and brutal treatment of their victims, that, perhaps, makes this the most violent work to come from Tim McGuire yet.

The Rainmaker’s character is still as compelling as ever as he finds himself forced into the manhunt of the title. Cole also finds himself with an unwanted companion, that of wanna-be writer Richard Johnson.

McGuire knows how to create unforgettable characters and how to pace his book to a rousing conclusion - and once more leaves the reader wanting more as he leaves The Rainmaker needing answers to a feeling he hasn’t known for a long time.

And leaves me eager to read the next book in the series.

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