Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bullet Creek

A Ralph Compton Novel
by Peter Brandvold
Signet, August 2005

Navarro, a retired gunslinger, works as a holster at the Bar-V Ranch. He enjoys working for Paul Vannorsdell, but has plans of moving North with the women he loves to open a new ranch and create a new life. Vannorsdell has big dreams too. He wants to buy the Rancho de Cava from an old friend, Don Francisco. Everything seems to being going to plan until Don Francisco is found dead by Bullet Creek. Vannorsdell is suspect number one and soon a war erupts and Navarro finds himself in the middle of a torrent of lead...

This is the second book to feature Navarro and like the first it’s full of action. All through the book Peter Brandvold carefully gives clues as to who killed Don Francisco, only thing is he masterfully points the finger towards a number of different people which makes the book difficult to put down until the truth is revealed.

So a book that reads like a murder mystery yet never looses touch with the fact that it is foremost a western. A book filled with strong characters of both sexes on both sides of the range war. People struggling to survive the violent situation they find themselves in and unmask a killer.

A great read.



I'm a huge Compton fan but have yet to read anything but authors working under his name. May try this but at the moment I'm enjoying The Western Trail.


the above should have read - yet to read anything by author's using his name.