Saturday, 25 October 2008

Cutter #4

as by Duff McCoy
Pinnacle, August 1991

Taken prisoner by Mexican rurales, Jeb Cutter is sold as slave labour to work in the mining camps of Don Hernandez. Cutter soon finds himself on the wrong end of a bullwhip, and, with each stroke of the lash, he swore to make his jailers pay, and pay dear. When the camp explodes in a full scale revolt, Cutter's hate feeds the killing frenzy and, dealing double-aught death, he cuts his own bloody trail to freedom through anyone who dares to get in his way!

Charley Perlberg (Duff McCoy) once more seems intent on shocking his readers with this graphically told story of almost non-stop violence. Gunfights, beatings, whippings, beheadings are all told in savage detail, but it's the many scenes of torture – and disregard for human life – that'll have the reader urging Cutter on in his bid for freedom.

I did feel, at times, that some of the types of torture, for instance the cringe worthy brutality carried out on male members, were included just for the sake of shocking than anything else.

Like the other books in the Cutter series (this is the last one) it was impossible to like, or relate to, any of the characters and even the twist ending was a little too obvious.

Another book for those who enjoy books full of savage bloodletting and not much else.



Sounds like one to give a miss

Bruce said...

I jsut read this and could not agree more. To me it felt like they read the Edge series and tried to do their own. Sadly it comes off like foruth rate garbage.