Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Longarm #305

as by Tabor Evans
Jove, April 2004

An Indian war party is ready to massacre a group of miners, blaming them for the murder of their clan sister. The miners say they only found the body – and they may be telling the truth. But the Indians have only given Longarm until the dark of the moon to catch the killer – just eight days – or they will wipe out the miners’ camp. Facing such a fearsome fate, the miners – and the murderer – may take flight. So far, only Longarm’s reputation is preventing a bloodbath. But he has very few clues – and about two hundred suspects. This is a job that’s going to take some deep digging…

Tabor Evans provides an entertaining read laced with humorous dialogue. Not as much gun action as expected but the story still races along as time begins to run out for Longarm.

There’s some interesting characters in the book too, namely the prisoner Longarm has at the beginning of the book, and the four men named Fat’s Randisi, Long Haired Jim Reasoner, Paul Newcomb and Sherman (names all western fans should recognize).

And just when you think the case is solved, Tabor Evans slips in a twist to the tale.

Maybe not the most action packed Longarm book you could read but still a worthy entry into the series.



You've reviewed a fair few of the Longarms and I know a number of writers have worked on the books. What would be interesting is an article, overview of the way the character has developed. I'd also love to see a genre overview piece from you as you know the genre well.

Steve M said...

A Longarm overview might be somewhat difficult as most of those I've read have been from around #180 onwards. I have read some of the earlier books but don't remember much about them as it was way back in the early 1980's.

I'll give the other idea some thought.