Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Spanish Bit Saga #12

by Don Coldsmith
Bantam, October 1989

Sky-Eyes was once a French soldier, now he lives with the People and has a wife, Pale Star. Because he speaks the language of the “hairfaces” he leads a small party on a trading mission, to exchange pelts for iron items with the Spanish at Santa Fe. Once there Sky-Eyes is accused of spying while Pale Star attracts the unwanted attention of a Hairface. To get out alive Sky-Eyes must combine his white man’s skills at political maneuvering and his newly learned ways of the people.

Another good entry in this excellent series that sees Don Coldsmith catch the reader’s attention early on with skilled telling of the Peoples way of life, and their beliefs - and Sky-Eyes acceptance of them, even though they go against his teachings.

The description of the journey to Santa Fe builds with tension that explodes with the accusations leveled at Sky-Eyes, leading to an exciting climax.

Maybe not the best entry in the series, but well worth a look as it tells of an interesting time, first trading, in the development of the People.

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