Sunday, 7 September 2008

Gunn #2

by Jory Sherman
Zebra, 1980

No one left the town of Cuchillo alive because Pace Jerez, the man who owned it, wanted it that way. And no one left Paula’s cantina unloved because she wanted it way. But Gunn had never been in Cuchillo before and he didn’t know the rules.

Gunn manages to intervene in the slaughter of a family but only manages to save the beautiful Zolia. Seems her father has a journal that Jerez wants. Gunn teams up with Zolia to get even with Jerez.

There's plenty of action in this story, of more than one kind – this book is billed as an adult western.

Jory Sherman manages to portray a town living in fear well, building up a tense atmosphere. The town is filled with people who soon come to look upon Gunn as their saviour, if he can live long enough, as Jerez does what he can to kill Gunn.

At times the violence is very descriptive, particularly the brutal death of one of the women.

There’s mystery too as Gunn attempts to find the journal and work out just what secrets it contains and why Jerez will kill to get it.

If you like bloody violence, bad language and a few rounds of adult action then this could be just the book for you.


Chris said...

>>>There's plenty of action in this story, of more than one kind<<<

Well put.

Bob Randisi said...

Reading Jory's Gunn series taught me a lot about writing Adult Westerns.